·     FuraStar is a Unique Product Containing Folic Acid and Seaweed extracts dervied from natural sources.
·      The combination of the Folic Acid and Seaweed present in Furastar will help Plants maintain healthy metabolism and help plants absorb nutrients resulting in tremendous boost in quality and quantity of the produce .
·        The naturally derived phytocompounds helps in overall root growth making better crop stand thus giving higher yield.
·        Due to intense lighting the Folic Acid present in plants breaks down easily and hence plants do not get the required quantity of Folic acid.  The Usage of FuraStar will feed supplement Folic Acid to plants and upgrades the weight and quality of grower’s harvest.
·        The Seaweed Extracts like Marine Algae (Brown and Red Algae) present in FuraStar act as a bio-stimulant for plants as they have different Plant hormones.


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